About xMechaTronics...

xMechantronics is about getting the best of two worlds electronics and Mechanics. We live in a world full of machines around us. Everyday we depend on a lot of machines to do our daily work and have become completely dependent on them. But very few people know or try to think about how these machines work, how are they controlled, how our work becomes So easy with the help of automation and intelligent sensors etc.

Here at xMechatronics we will try to take a peek into their working and try to understand the technology just for the sake of Fun and Knowledge. And also build creative and fun stuff with the help of machines and electronics.

So put on your Seat-belts and enjoy the ride with us.

If you have any Question or queries then you can ask at striker.dbz@hotmail.com
Unknown An Electronics and Tech Enthusiast

I am a Tech enthusiast who loves to build stuff like new gadgets and tinker around with electronic devices doing some DIY stuff, writing some code and in the process providing something back to the community.

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